Cylinder tubes

To attract even more attention at the self, Hellas Box offers non-traditional shaped transparent packaging, including clear plastic tubes, round and ovals. We apply the same high quality printing and decorating techniques to these unique shapes for a one-of-a-kind shelf presence. Our two piece, formed tubes with rolled edges can be made in round or oval profiles, are extremely sturdy and provide a prestige look and feel.

Our range of standard millimetre cap sizes are listed below. Each cap size can be used for cylinders ranging in length from approximately 30mm-6000mm

Please contact us with the size you require.

Our standard caps and cylinders are in round shape:

Diameter: 50mm – 70mm – 90mm – 110mm – 130mm – 150mm – 170mm – 190 — 310mm

And in oval shape:

Diameter: 90mm – 110mm